It has long been observed, such as new roofs are changing over recent years.
Revolution in ventilation of the roofing sheet roofs!
The most important fans
Ventilation system for roofs covered with Metal roof tile - System STYLVENT
STYLVENT grille is the first such grid on the Polish market, designed for ventilation, roofing sheet.
Once covered with tile roofs are equipped with a ventilation tile time Metal roof tile-covered roofs to provide the same comfort!
Ventilation space under the surface with a view to obtaining optimum performance by assisting ventilation air circulation especially difficult in places such as rooftops envelope, baskets, attic, dormers, roof windows, and in places cuts surface of roof. In these areas becomes apparent lack of an obvious gravity ventilation roof.
This is a task for the ventilation systems STYLVENT
Replacing the air in the newly established buildings on the premises, in attics, roof structure determines the physical properties of these premises and the durability of the roof structure.
No matter what technology the house was built.
Houses are built with a view to making maximum use of space and volume.
The materials used in construction of buildings causing leaks. In this situation, the problem of roof ventilation and the room took on a very large significance.
One of the main problems is the proper and effective internal air exhaust and air ventilating roof structure while maintaining the integrity of the roof covering the roofing sheet. When the roof is constructed of a roofing sheet is due to the characteristics of the coverage, the appropriate solution to roof ventilation is really important.
Arwex Sp.J offers you a system of self-supporting "STYLVENT" with UV stabilized PP.
Perfect décor in detail the profile of the roofing sheet and fit the parameters of the roof.
Safe in a significant increase in wind and gusts.
A secure system for mounting and use.
Affordable, invaluable utility to use the roof, no heat loss through the insulated roof ventilation function properly, the non-invasive mounting plate (only one hole).
confirmed the validity of the roof ventilation specialists,
The system consists of a set of elements perfectly suited to the roofing sheet and designed so as to shorten the maximum assembly time, which is only about 5 minutes.
Which includes the system of EPDM seals with very high durability and integrity, and patented mounting system with clamping screw and the housing.
STYLWENT system consists of five main elements of a coherent .
Each of them is an integral part of the whole system "STYLVENT Healthy roofs.
Grille must be used whenever not able to provide proper ventilation holes in the parameters of the hood and under the ridge. If the holes in the ridge seal is not enough, it should be applied under the ridge vents also. Grille is part of supporting the roof ventilation .. We mount the grille in the second or third row under the ridge. In this way, combines functionality and aesthetics. Number of boxes required to be mounted on the roof depends on its shape and type.
SYSTEM STYLVENT has Technical Approval
"Vents skylights STYLVENT TO roofing tiles"
Technical Approval ITB No AT-15-8426/2010
Moisture in the attic. The effect of plastic bags

The time has come to provide comfort ventilation, roofs with roofing sheet. Take care of your roof