ARWEX Paweł Archaniołowicz Sp.J. has been in business for nearly twenty years, specializing in design, production and installation of professional venting, air conditioning and dust removal systems throughout the country.

A new product in the Roofing-Accessories offer is the STYLVENT roofing vent for metal roofing tiles, for which the company was commended during the 4th National Roofing Trade Fair and the International Construction and Installation Fair “GRYF-BUD” 2011.

The STYLVENT venting system of the roof is one of the first on the Polish market.

This product consists of five components.

Each of them plays an important role in functioning of the entire venting system.

In addition to proper air exchange under the roofing, STYLVENT guarantees many years of usage as regards hydro-insulation and durability.

More information about the company and its offer can be found at www.arwex.com.pl.